Book of Days

In her film, Book of Days, Meredith Monk demonstrates that past and present are essential in preserving the cycle of life. An old madwoman and a young Jewish girl give a narrative of the middle ages from a 20th century perspective. The old woman has dreams of the past while the young girl receives visions of the future. It would appear that only the woman and the young girl are able to understand one another.

The film takes place in a Medieval French Village, and the scenes depict the past and present, almost obscuring time. Book of Days has the different art elements of dance, music, and theatre all in one. None of these artistic elements are lost, but rather, the viewers' senses are heightened because they are all done simultaneously for a lot of the film.

"I work where the voice starts dancing, where the body starts singing, where theatre becomes cinema." - Meredith Monk

--Kaylah McKenzie, 2010

Meridith Monk