Marie Menken Characteristics

Marie Menken worked mainly on short films. Before she was a filmmaker, Menken was an abstract painter and a collage artist. She worked with her husband, Willard Maas, on a variety of short, experimental films. They were marked by her lyricism and simplicity. She was influenced by abstract expressions.

In Visual Variations on Noguchi (1945), Menken's first film, she "used the hand-cranked Bolex camera favored by avant-garde filmmakers to introduce a new agility, grace and spontaneity into experimental cinema, a lightness of camera and form hitherto unseen in American film" (Harvard Film Archive, 2010). Light remained as a focus in many of her films and she also embraced many animation techniques, such as collage and stop-motion cinematography. Menken was a pioneer in many aspects and her work influenced many other artists such as Andy Warhol.

--Gabriella De Abreu, 2010.

Marie Menken