Meridith Monk Biography

Meredith Monk is a singer, musical composer, film and music director, choreographer, creator of new opera and theatre works, and has created films and installation pieces. She is a participant in the development of what is known as the "extended vocal technique" in which vocalists are able to produce an array of unique sounds, as well as "interdisciplinary performance" - combining multiple art forms into a single work or artistic display.

Monk founded a company that focused on an interdisciplinary approach to arts, called The House, in 1968. It was, in my opinion, a way of giving others an avenue to harness their affinity and talent for multiple art forms. Monk, a multi-talented, visionary artist herself, generously afforded this opportunity so that others would be able to have that same luxury.

"Monk is also an accomplished filmmaker who has made a series of award-winning films including Ellis Island (1981) and her first feature, Book of Days (1988), which was aired on PBS, shown at the New York Film Festival and selected for the Whitney Museum's Biennial. Both films were released on DVD in February 2007. A retrospective art exhibition, Meredith Monk: Archeology of an Artist, opened at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center in 1996." (Meredith Monk Organization's Biography)


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--Kaylah McKenzie, 2010.

Meridith Monk