Chris Marker Biography

Born Christian Francois Bouche-Villeneuve on July 29, 1921 in Neuilly Sur-Seine, France, Chris Marker is known for his cinematic essays and audio visual works. Shortly after the Second World War, Marker began his writing career. He published his first book in 1949. In the early 1950's he turned to documentary filmmaking. He became known for the works that he did during this period. One of the many works that came from this period is his 1962 film La Jetee. This film paved the way for the 1995 hit movie 12 Monkeys. In 1977 he began to make film under his own name. After fifty years of documentary filmmaking Chris Marker has retired from filmmaking and is now focusing on video and computer controlled imagery. Chris Marker has paved the way for many filmmakers and is looked upon as one of the most innovative, creative and influential filmmakers.

--Monique Daley, 2001

Chris Marker