Phil Morton Work

Compression with Spiral 5 (with Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Christine de Lignieres, and John Manning) (1982) 29 min
EVE I (with Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Barbara Sykes, Bob Snyder, Drew Browning, and Guenther Tetz) (1975) 60 min
EVE II (with Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Larry Cuba, Barbara Sykes, Bob Snyder, Guenther Tetz, Drew Browning and Michael Sterling) (1976) 60 min
EVE III (with Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Barbara Latham, Barbara Sykes, Bob Snyder, Jane Veeder, John Manning, Faramarz Rahbar, and others) (1978) 60 min
The First DIC Tape (1978) 14 min
Five Minute Romp Through the Image Processor (with Dan Sandin) (1973) 6 min
(#) How TV Works (with Dan Sandin and Barbara Sykes) (1977) 30 min
Poop For the N.C.C. (1975) 10 min
Spiral 3 (with Tom DeFanti, Dan Sandin, and Jane Veeder) (1978) 10 min

(#) Available from E.A.I.

Phil Morton