Response to Trust All Joy

Clearly this piece of work was about his love for his wife. Out of all of these works of Minton's, this one, although perhaps the most simple in terms of message and technique, was certainly full of the most passion. Made me want to make my mom a heartfelt video for Christmas.
--Missy Briggs, 2006.

This reminded my of an old slide show my grandparents used to show me. It is very heartwarming and shows the love Minton has for his wife over the years.
--Frank Juliano, 2006.

This was by far my favorite piece by Minton. I would actually say this may be one of my favorite from this class. I could tell the love, admiration and joy he has for his wife. The music was very fitting for the expression and it was a unique piece. It also caught my eye that he ended the piece with a framed dated on valentines day. Def intentional? Either way genius.
--Jessica Bock, 2006.

A very passionate piece of work. I was able to feel the love emanating from the screen as the husband express his love for his wife.It was really a joyous time for him.
--Hanslyn Farley, 2006.

This truly shows the love Minton has for his wife. I loved the music he had playing behind the pictures. It really accentuated the mood if the film.
--Anthony Susi, 2006.

This work was just so heartfelt and warm that it exuded love and kindness. Theres a certain sort of tenderness with the transition from picture to picture that it really just makes you feel peacefull as you watch the film. The way the story was told as a passage of time was one of the aspects that i enjoyed about this work. It reminded me of looking through an old photo album reminiscing about your past and remembering where you came from.
--Kristian Clemens, 2006.

I enjoyed this film because you know what the point was. The love for his wife was clear and it was a film with a purpose, not just some...well, some weird film. I also thought the music went with it very well.
--Gina Voss, 2006.
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