Ever get something stuck between your teeth and can't get it out? Take that to the Nth Power and you have Jim Minton's perverse, offbeat documentary short. This shocking piece details a true collection of foreign objects recovered by emergency room physicians from a certain body cavity. Absolutely laughable and totally unbelievable. Don't bring the kids. Call 911. Voices Margaret Saltzman & Jim Minton. Music by Roadkill.

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Zeitgeist International Underground Film Festival-San Francisco, Eyeball Haemorrhage-Manchester U.K., Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival-Lausanne Switzerland, Paris International Underground Film Festival-Paris France, Manchester International Short Film Festival-Manchester U.K., Hi/Lo Film Festival-San Francisco, Boston Underground Film Festival-Boston, San Francisco Sex Workers Film & Arts Festival-San Francisco, DC Underground Film Festival-Washington D.C., Dallas Video Festival-Dallas, Northampton Independent Film Festival-Northampton, Calgary Underground Film Festival, 10th Annual Arizona State University Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival

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