Ronald Nameth Awards

Awards have been received in the USA , Europe and Australia for excellence in film, television and digital media productions

The Melbourne Film Festival, Australia
The Yale Art Film Festival, USA
International Festival for Short Art Film, Kracow , Poland
International Short Film Week, National Film Theater, British Film Institute, London
Ann Arbor Film Festival
13th Festival de Tours , Center Internationale des Cinemas d'Art d'Essai
University of Chicago , Festival of the Arts Award
Award, Communication Arts Magazine
Award, Mills College Film Festival
Award, Independent Film-makers Festival
University of California Berkeley , Centennial Film Festival
Nordic TV Award for Best Music Production, 1975 for "Voyage into the Golden Screen", with music by composer Per     Nörgaard , Denmark .
European Award for Special Large Screen Digital Visualization presented at OMNIVERSUM, Den Haag, Holland , at the First    International Symposium on Electronic Art, Utrecht , Holland , September, 1988.
International UNESCO symposium "Synthesis-Visual Arts in the Electronic Culture. Offenbach , Germany . Fifty delegates from Eastern and  Europe .  December, 1988.

Ronald Nameth Work