Marcel Odenbach Critical Response

According to, "Marcel Odenbach is considered one of Germany's most important video artists for his pioneering contribution to the development of video installation in the 1970s." The Electronic Arts Intermix website describes his work by saying, "His works engage in a provocative discourse on the construction of self in relation to historical and cultural representation. For Odenbach, identity is defined in the elusive realm of vision - seeing and being seen. Positioning himself, and thus the spectator, in the role of observer, witness, or voyeur, he undertakes a highly charged inquiry into subjectivity within the context of personal and cultural memory, individual and collective history, past and present." Dan Cameron, Senior Curator from states "Odenbach's work makes for a prickly subtext to now-fashionable ideologically streamlined views of the present, and his scrutiny is not limited to Germany. His belief that racism is the most pervasive evil of our time has led him to conclude that the ways we experience racial differences are part of history's unfinished business."


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--Stephen Bessette, 2010.

Marcel Odenbach