Yoko Ono Work

Film No. 1 (A Walk To Taj Mahal) (1964)
Film Script 5 (1965)
Freedom (1968)
The Museum Of Modern Art Show (1971)
No. 4 ( Bottoms) (1965)
One/Yoko Ono (U.S.A) (1965)
Up Your Legs Forever (1968)

With John Lennon:
Apotheosis (1969)
Bed -In (1969)
Erection (1971)
Fly (1970)
Imagine (1971)
Self Portrait (1969)
Smile (1969)
Ten For Two: Sisters O Sisters (1972)
Two Virgins (1969)

Music Videos:
Goodbye Sadness (1982)
Walking On Thin Ice (1982)
Woman (1981)

From: programming
Date: Mon, Nov 8, 1999, 11:20 PM
Subject: Re: Yoko Ono

>Are Yoko Ono's films distributed by MOMA or as I heard are they out of

Ono's films are currently out of circulation. The had been available from AFA, but they no longer distribute films. Scott MacDonald recently talked with Ono's assistant and was told that Ono is arranging to make her films available again - I suspect with MoMA - and that they may be available as soon as sometime next year.


Yoko Ono