Danny Plotnik Characteristics

Danny Plotnick, regarded by his peers as the king of super 8 film, is admired for his firm belief in low budget filmmaking. He is hailed as the filmmaker capable of unraveling comedy out of an otherwise skittish situation. According to Fringecore magazine Danny Plotnick is an artist who moulds high brow with low brow and attests the films accessibility to their comedic demeanor. Danny's eye for style and critical detail, which combined with his subject matter, adds to his films creative flare. He is also regarded for his reluctance to create popular narratives that would garner him fame but, instead chooses a more reclusive but self fulfilling success as an underground film maker.

There are many characteristics that distinguish Danny Plotnick from other artists. For one he favors super 8 film. Out of his 18 films only three are not shot in super 8 attesting to his attachment to the super 8 format. In general his films usually have a narrative structure that's straightforward and gets to the point. However in terms of his visual approach Danny Plotnick isn't one to limit his films to one particular style. For example his 1991 film Flip about Flip carries a documentary feel to it while others such as Dumbass from Dundass represents a more narrative storytelling approach. His latest work Tour Tips: Lesson #14 is an animation with a documentary narrative attesting to his openness to explore new visual techniques.

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Danny Plotnik