Jan Peacock Biography

Jan Peacock was born in Canada in the year 1955. To be more specific, she was born in Barrie, Ontario. She went to the University of Ontario and graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Peacock then moved to the United States to work on her Masters' degree. She attended the University of California at San Diego and received her Master of Fine Arts in 1981. Peacock then moved back to Canada and has been teaching at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design since 1982, in the media arts department.

Since the late 70's and early 80's, Peacock has been making single-channel videotapes and video installations which have been shown not only in Canada and the United States but all over the world. Her work has been shown in many group exhibitions in "France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland and the United Kingdom" (Vtape, 2006). According to the Canada Council for the Arts, her work has been shown at such events as the Festival Video Art Plastique in France in 1996, the World Wide Video Festival in the Netherlands in 1991, Mediaworks in Germany in 1990, Fukui International Video Biennial in Japan in 1988" (Canada Council for the Arts, 2000).

Peacocks' work has not only been shown all over the world but has been recognized for a variety of awards. "In 1990 she won the Best Experimental award at the Atlantic Film and Video Festival, the Silver Plaque award at the Chicago International Film and Video Festival, in 1992 she won the Best Media Critique award at the Atlantic Film and Video Festival and in 1997 she received the Bell Canada Award for Video" (Vtape, 2006).

Peacock is not only an artist but she is also a curator. She has put together many projects such as "Appropriation/Expropriation" in 1983 with Bruce Barber and Corpus Loquendi: "Body for Speaking" in 1993, which toured throughout Canada (Vtape, 2006). Peacock is not only an artist and curator but she is also an author. Some of her published texts are "Īpresenceā in Point and Shoot: Performance et photographie, ĪReady Accessā in Public, no 25: Experimentalism, ĪMove Thisā and Ī4/14/99' with Paula Fairfield" (Vtape, 2006.) "Peacock has also visited many artists at universities in Canada and the United States and given many lectures and conference papers" (Vtape, 2006).

Jan Peacock has done a lot throughout her life so far. She is an artist, a curator, an author, a lecturer and I'm sure she will add a lot more to that list.
--Tiffany Stoddard, 2006

Jan Peacock