Jan Peacock Characteristics

Peacock's work consists of video and video installations. Video installations combine video technology with other materials of media and such to create a new and different visual experience. This is definitely what Peacock is doing when she creates her video work. As was stated on the Canada Council for the Arts website, Peacock "has explored a great variety of narrative forms both written and oral, subtly effecting mutations of those forms through an insistent visualization of speech and text." Many of her works have a "writerly quality, which leads us to become 'readers' of the narrative and become conscious of the subtext (Video Art in Canada)."

Most of Peacock's work has do do with the different conditions of memory. She is constantly trying to get the viewer involved in her work. She achieves this by using sections of her personal journals and home videos to make the viewer think of something that is familiar to them. This is how she incorporates memory into her work by having the audience remember instances or images from their own lives from the images seen in the video. "Her works speak of home and family ties, as words and habits recall other places and similar acts (Video Art in Canada)." Landscapes and the weather are also dominant themes in her works. All things that people can relate to in different ways. She seems to enjoy getting people to think about things that they may not normally think about or perhaps just to think about something in a different or new way.

In my opinion, Jan Peacock is an abstract expressionist. She uses her self-expression to compose intimate pieces of art that dive into the subconscious minds of her audience.

--Tiffany Stoddard, 2006.

Jan Peacock