NOMADS is an "autobiographical tape drawn from the artists' attempts to balance mundane, material "reality" with their dreams, aspirations and spiritual lives... Nomads combines the conventions of a home movie, a science program, and a song-filled travelogue. In this mix, the artists add symbolic allusions as well as the electronic image manipulation which is characteristic of their work, to meditate on central problems of contemporary existence: on the appearance and disappearance, or location and dislocation of the individual in a time of tremendous insecurity and cultural change."
Bob Riley, "Histories: New Video Art", ICA-Boston '88

"Recounting a half-life of failed expectations through poetic variations of the refrain 'I thought I was,' Quinn and Sturgeon relate their generation's dislocation of change infinitized in the present to the disappearance of the Anasazi civilization in a potent perspective shift. Searching for the window of recurrence in the relentless curving of life back on itself, NOMADS locates incisive poetic observation in routine exchanges and reflections, consolidating five years of performance work that has sought a union of the metaphysical and mundane."
Michael Nash, HiQh Performance Sp.'87

Cameras: Quinn/Sturgeon
Computer Graphics & Animation: Quinn/Sturgeon
"Road Songs", written and performed by Aysha Quinn and John Sturgeon. Produced by Aysha Quinn. Musical arrangement, guitar and synthesizer, Tom Comis; audio engineer, Paul Urmson.
Synthesizer & Sound Compositions: John Sturgeon
Digital Processing: Michael Lyon, Mark II Image Processor
Made possible, in part, through funding from a National Endowment for the Arts, Media Production Grant and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Cablecasts/Broadcasts: 1988: "Video Viewpoints," Long Beach Museum of Art-cable, (state wide); 1987: Troy Newchannels Cable; PBS, "Our Town TV", WMHT; Manhattan Cable, "Night Light TV", NYC;
Collections: Anthology Film Archives, New York City.
Exhibitions: L.A. Louver Gallery, Venice, CA; California institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA; 1987
American Film & Video Festival, NYC; "Histories: New Video Art", institute of Contemporary Art -
Boston; Vi "Videobrasil", Festival Fotoptica '88, Sao Paulo, Brazil; "Post-Currents", SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
References: High Performance, "Video Poetics: A Contemporary Survey", #37 Vol.10, No.1, 1987, by Michael Nash, pp 69-73.
Distribution: Data Bank, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; L.A. Louver Gallery; & the Artists.

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