The Prom

Still from work
Still from work

The Prom is a documentary style commentary on proms and their emotional legacy. Real life glimpses that peek in on today's prom goers are juxtaposed with a variety of memories, dilemmas and anecdotes that bring this American tradition home. The Prom provides entertainment for the casual observer, sociologist and shrink. It provides raw material on a thought provoking subject.

Funding: PBS - WMHT Finishing Funds Grant, 1987

Broadcasts/Cablecasts: PBS - WMHX (Oh 45 Schenectady, NY), 10/87, 5/88
PBS - WTTW Television, "Image Union", Chicago, Illinois 6/88

Exhibitions: "Women in the Directors Chair", 7th Annual Women's Film and Video Festival, Center for New Television & Facets Multimedia, Chicago, Illinois 1988

"Three Rivers Arts Festival", Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

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