Aysha Quinn Work

Atari Is The New Parent (Collaborative with John Sturgeon & Gary Lloyd) Interactive Satellite Video/Performance, Artist in Television Conference, 1982 6 min video, U. of lowa '82
Atari Is The New parent (Collaborative with John Sturgeon & Gary Lloyd), 1982, Live Interactive Satellite Performance, Artist in Television Conference, National Cablecast
Chariot Chamber (Collaborative with John Sturgeon) (1985) 8 min Video/lnstallation Document
Chariot Chamber (Collaborative with John Sturgeon), 1985-87, Video Installation: 3 Channel, 7 monitor, Color Video & Computer Graphic Animation, with Sculptural Environment Fragments (Collaborative with John Sturgeon), 1984-87, Video Performance: Color Video Live & Pre-Record, with Interactive Computer Graphics
Chariot Chamber, Too (Collaborative Video- Environment/Installation with J Sturgeon) 1989, Proctors Too, Schenectady, New York
(A)Excerpts (1983) Sepia & 11 min video, with John Sturgeon
(A)5th Chamber Information (1980) 3 min video
(A)The Fight (Collaborative with John Sturgeon) (1983) 5 min video
(A)Give Up The Night (Tango) (1993) 10 min video
(A)The Lamentations Of Isis (1978) 28 min video
The Lamentations Of Isis 1978, Video Performance within a neon & laser environment, Vanguard Gallery, Los Angeles, CA and the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
(A)Leaf Mask (1989) 4 min video
(A)The Longhouse Tapes (with John Sturgeon in Conjunction with the Six Nations Indian Museum ) (1991) 25 min video
  • Gustoweh (Hats Of The Iroouois) (1991) 13 min
  • Why The Bear Clan Know Medicine (1991) 11 min
  • (A)The Meeting (1982) 5 min video
    (A)The Mutant (1983) 4 min video
    No Earth/no Earth Station (Collaborative with John Sturgeon), 1982-83, VideoPerformance: Color Video Live & Pre-Record, with Live Chroma Key Environment
    (A)Nomads (Collaborative with John Sturgeon) (1986) 26 min video
    (A)Primary Sequence (1985) 6 min video
    (A)The Prom(Directed, & Co-Edited) (1987) 26 min video
    Samech 1983, Video Performance, Haunted Womanhouse, Long Beach Museum of Art
    (A)Shed Your Skin Or Die (1977) 13 min video
    Shed Your Skin Or Die 1977, Video Performance Installation, Los Angeles, CA
    (A)Spearhead (1980) 4 min video
    (A)Steel, Lucite & Brass (1979) 11 min video (video interpretation of Tom Jenkins kinetic sculpture)
    (A)Take Back America--Brown '92 (1992) 26 min video
    (A)Why Would I Throw Eggs At You. Liz? (1977) 4 min video

    (#) Available from E.A.I.
    (A) Available from the Artist

    Aysha Quinn