Hans Richter Characteristics

Just as every artist has his/her own trait, Hans Richter had his own characteristic trait. This trait was to stray from the norm. Much into Dada, it was very easy for him. He portrayed his abstract ideas and images through the use of different media. Richter would write literature, sketch, paint, and even do films. He would use geometric forms to create a new dimension in abstract art and he would do this with images that change in time. Rhythm was a key element in his works. It would bind all images as a whole and show a form of emotional expression. Richter's paintings either contained violent color use or simply black and white imagery. He later on changed from an abstract approach to a surrealistic approach which showed irrational happenings, as found in his 1927 film Vormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast ). His later films also contained this surrealistic a approach. These were much different from the earlier years of his abstract scroll paintings. He later on, in the early 1940s, returned to doing some more scrolls. This time collages of newspaper and photographs on the scrolls produced very rhythmic themes. The collage represented a lot of contemporary history issues by the choices of what pictures to use. Many of these actually seem to anticipate a Pop Art feel due to the relationship of spur of the moment unconscious improvisation and conscious Constructivism. This type of relationship characterizes a lot of works in Richter's entire career.

Hans Richter