Man Ray Biography

Born Emannuel Radnitsky in 1890, Man Ray knew that he had an artistic vibe after only five years of life. His parents Manya and Melach Radnitsky encouraged their son's artistic qualities. After his graduation from high school, Emmanuel decided to turn down his architecture scholarship to New York University in order to devote his time to painting and living the way he wanted.

By his early 20's Man Ray began to grow interested in other forms of art. His love for jazz and new music propelled him into painting in a more abstract style. He wanted his paintings to be free and alive like the music he heard. His love for new and exciting things moved him to stretch the limits of the work from that time period above and beyond what was normal.

He was one of the most well known and well liked members of the Dadaist movement in art. His photographs, paintings, and watercolors became important cultural pieces in the world of art known as Dadaism.

Man Ray