Oakland, CA, December 2004

On November 3, 2004 a jury in Modesto, CA began deliberating the double murder trial of Scott and Lacy Peterson in what was the most widely publicized courtroom event in the United States since celebrity O. J. Simpson faced accusations for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole. Millions of young couples watched and identified with the mundane middle-class details surrounding the Petersonās soap-opera marriage that ended in horrible tragedy. For months a small court in a modest town fulfilled America's insatiable appetite for Reality TV.

Throughout the trial, Sean Fletcher and I obsessed over the details reported by the news. We watched television, read articles, and perused online chatrooms. Sean attempted to side with the defense while I sided with the prosecution. Then we turned on their video camera while we debated the trial in our living room, in the grocery store, and in the bedroom, in a work that says as much about our own relationship as it does about the Petersons.

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