Peter Rose Biography

Peter Rose is a professor of film at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Rose has received many awards in his career as a film artist. Rose received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from City College of New York in 1967 , and in 1968 he attended San Francisco State College were he studied film. Rose has made over thirty films, tapes, performances and installations. "Some of his early work has raised many questions about time, space, light, and also perception, this also drew upon his background in mathematics and the interest in filmmakers. Rose was interested in language as a subject and in video as a medium and generated a substantial body of work that played with the feel and form of sense, concrete texts, political satire, oddball performance, and a kind of intellectual comedy (" Rose has been making films since 1970 and has had work in many film festivals.

--Yvens Louis, 2006. Work Cited

Peter Rose