Peter Rose Characteristics

Peter Rose has received wide recognition for his artistic work in video. In the Village Voice, author Sally Banes gives critical evaluation of Rose's work on the film The Man who could not see far enough. Banes describes Rose's work as "a powerful formal". Banes also states that Rose work is an "analytic inquiry into the very nature of vision and cinema." Banes also says that Rose produces "painfully beautiful images of mysterious events and things, images that split, multiply, migrate, and quiver with a hallucinatory vibrance, a rich fabric interlacing the metaphysical with the ironical." (

Another author who critiques Rose's film is Ed Sozanski, who states that the film Pneumenon "appears to be the least complicated". Sozanski also mentioned that "Rose photographed a flapping blue tarpaulin that rises in a breeze to partially reveal a campground scene. Then a fan clicks on, and the supple fabric screen itself rises to reveal, behind it, a gothic image of a small tree illuminated by shards of light, a Rose trademark. This mask-behind-the-masK tactic may be, like the kaleidoscopic and "impressionist" videos, another old chestnut, but it reveals the dichotomy between reality and illusion dramatically, in a way that stands up under cyclic repetition. Rose has always used video technique to create content - never, like his colleagues in this show, as a substitute for it. That's why his piece alone lingers in the mind as something more than a demonstration of style over substance. " In all I think that Sozanski wasn't satisfied with any of Rose's work. (

Watching filmmaker Peter Rose's work was very interesting to me. His seems to work with abstract language and text. Peter Rose is a funny video artist. "Like stand-up comedy performed by a linguistic theorist. He mimics the emphatic signals of someone urgently trying to make himself understood while only succeeding in making matters more confused" ( Sometimes Peter Rose is mystical person. He utilizes the hypnotic nature of video. "He accomplishes these seemingly conflicting miracles by piecing together images from spinning cameras, filming signs and writing the text on the film itself so that it races past your eyes too fast to read and becomes a filter through which a deeper layer of meaning is perceived and obscured" (

Rose's work has been well known by many people in the world. Many places have presented his work in many film festivals. Peter Rose made many films. The film that I was most interested in was called Peter Rose .Volume IV [video recording]: language. This film had many digital effects in the film that made me dizzy but in the long run the film was great. Listening to what he was talking about was good. I think he should make more films like that.

--Yvens Louis, 2006.


Peter Rose