Susan Rynard Biography

Susan Rynard was born on May 11, 1961 on the Downs view Air Force base in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She graduated from Ontario college of Art and Design and the Canadian Film Centre. She has won several awards for her videos and installations such as what Vanguard said about one of her works, ̉The camera becomes a narrative tool, a silent and demonstrative weapon constructing an air tight agoraphobia that encircles the character's movement" (Vanguard). Her films and videos have been selected for competition at many international festivals including the Hong Kong Film Festival and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. They have been broadcast on CBC, TV Ontario, WTN, and PBS. While mostly a director, Rynard has several credits as an independent producer and editor including being the director and cinematographer of Kim Derko's Book of Knives and Cynthia Robert's Last Supper which won the Teddy Bear award for Best Feature film of the 1995 Berlin film festival.
--Scott Holcomb, 2006.


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Susan Rynard