Scott Rankin Characteristics

Scott Rankin's work is about personal, social, cognitive, and linguistic relationships; their structure and how they influence the way we think and view the world. Rankin received his BFA in photography and printmaking from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and began making video at UCLA. Reflecting Rankin's interest in what could be called a phenomenology of linguistics, his work tracks the movement of time and people to investigate the ways in which experience is categorized and transfused into metaphor, memory, and culture.

--Video Databank Catalog

Scott Rankin's characteristics are ones of deep emotion. He likes to take the reactions of humankind and put them into his art. He takes personal and social situations and how they change the way we think about the world. He uses memories and deep emotions of the mind and creates a story with it, he is a very colorful individual. The little things that aren't noticed in life he makes noticeable.

--Robin Testo, 2001

Scott Rankin