Yvonne Rainer



The Mind is a Muscle, an essay by Heather Richar, 2003

"Yvonne Rainer has said that one of the frustrating things about her fame in the sixties was the knowledge that she was not so much being singled out because of something she did, but because she existed in a world that felt the need to single one person out of a group of peers as being a 'star' or 'genius'". - Henry Baumgartner, www.danceonline.com

Though not always regarded as a mainstream subject or work of art, the avant-garde film industry is one that both inspires and promotes the artistic mind. Magic in the making, an avant-garde film can be received in such an individualistic way that it is open for allowing a never-ending array of interpretations. Unfortunately, studying avant-garde film, whether in a school environment or for one┼fs own pleasure, is taken in almost a historical manner, for the artists and creators have either passed away or are in their prime. But we try to hold on to the few that still touch the world with their creativity. Yvonne Rainer is one such person.

--Heather Richar, 2003


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