Carolee Schneemann Work

(A) Acts of Perception (1973) 11 min S8mm
(A) Carl Ruggles' Christmas Breakfast (1963) 7 min 8mm or 16mm
(Ca, F) Fuses (1964-1967) 22 min 16mm
Imaging Her Erotics (with Maria Beatty)
(Ca) In Quest of "Meat Joy" (with Bob Giorgio ) (1969) 7 min 16mm
(A) Kitch's Last Meal (1973-1978) 20 to 240 min (alternate versions) S8mm
(Ca, F) Plumb Line (1968-1972) 18 min 16mm
(A) Reel Time (with Anthony McCall) (1971-1972) 60 min 16mm
(Ca) Viet-Flakes (1966) 11 min video

(A) Available from the artist
(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Carolee Schneemann