Erik Saks Characteristics

L.A. prankster Eric Saks' films and videos -- low-tech aesthetics that subvert high-tech infrastructures. One of his repeated targets--and obsessions--is the telephone. "I know the meaning of the phone" he intones in his newest tape, Touch Tone. His work takes us a long distance from telephone companies' promises of perfect connections, exploring instead telephones' mixed messages. His videos range from how-to documents of phone phreaking and culture jamming (Fax Attack, a fight back against unwanted faxes, and Copper Connection, which "demonstrates nefarious uses for a single penny coin") to interventions into telephone culture.
--Kathy Geritz

Upsetting in its maniacal deviousness, the hermetic art of Eric Saks and Patrick Tierney comes from a cynical appreciation for outdated popular culture from which they turn nostalgia upside down by re-positioning it in the mindset of the technocratic "police state."

Erik Saks