Michael Snow Work

(Ca, CFMDC, F) A to Z (1956) 6:30 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F)<-------> (1968-1969) 52 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F)Breakfast (1972-1976) 15 min 16mm
A Casing Shelved (1970)
(Ca, CFMDC)Corpus Callosum (2002) 90 min 16mm (from DV)
Dripping Water (with Joyce Wieland) (1969)
(Ca, CFMDC, F)La Region Centrale (1970-71) 190 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) The Living Room (2000) 20.30 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) New York Eye and Ear Control (A Walking Woman Work) (1964) 34 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F)One Second in Montreal (with Joyce Wieland) (1969) 26 min 16mm
CFMDCPrelude (2000) 3.30 min 16mm
(Ca, F)Presents (1980-1981) 90 min 16mm
( CFMDC, F) Rameau's Nephew By Diderot (Thanx To Dennis Young) By Wilma Schoen (1974), 4 hours 27 min 16mm
A Salt in the Park (with Joyce Wieland) (1959)
(Ca, CFMDC, F)Seated Figures (1988) 50 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) See You Later/Au Revoir (1990) 18 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) Short Shave (1965) 4 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) Side Seat Painting Slides Sound Film (1970) 20 min 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) So Is This (1982) 47:15 min 16mm
( CFMDC, F)Standard Time (1967) 8 min 16mm
Two Sides to Every Story (1974) 16mm
(Ca, CFMDC, F) To Lavoisier, Who Died in the Reign of Terror (1991)
(Ca, CFMDC, F)Wavelength (1966-1967) 45 min 16mm

Updated by Mitchell Case, 2003

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
(CFMDC) Available from Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Michael Snow