Michael Snow Biography

Michael Snow is a Renaissance man who has proven himself as a film/video artist, painter, photographer, writer, and musician. Though best known for the structural film Wavelength, Snow has contributed to Pop and Minimalist Art movements, as well at the improvisational music scene. These contributions have been both great and lasting.

Snow was born in Toronto, Canada on December 10, 1929. He first became interested in art while in high school. In 1948, Upper Canada College award Snow with his first art prize. Upon the completion of high school, Snow went on to study design at the Ontario College of Art. He graduated in 1952 and began work as a commercial artist.

Eventually, Snow traveled to Europe. For a period of 18 months, he spent his time drawing, playing music, and visiting museums. He returned to Toronto and worked at the film studio Graphic Films, where he created his first film, an animation titled A to Z. At this studio, Snow met another Canadian artist, Joyce Wieland. The two married and moved to New York in 1963.

In New York, Snow created the film he is best known for: Wavelength. The piece consists of a single zoom within a studio apartment, and contains intense audio pitches. The film is regarded as one of most important structural films ever made. While in New York, Snow also worked with other mediums. He finished his Walking Women paintings, as well as continued to play music and write. In 1972, Snow moved back to Toronto.

Michael Snow