Michael Snow Characteristics

More than just a video and film artist, Michael Snow is a painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, and a pianist and musician. The Canadian artist is best known for the film "Wavelength": a forty-five minute zoom within a studio apartment, in which he explores the idea of space and movement. Snow is known as one of the most influential experiment film/video artists, as well as an important figure in the "avant-garde, improvisational music scene" (Rist). He is highly regarded as a key contributor to the Pop and Minimalist art movements (Rist).

Throughout his career, Snow has mainly worked with film for his motion pieces. For his most recent work, though, Snow chose to use Digital Video. "Corpus Callosum," is another experimental piece, full of manipulation of objects within the frame. Snow, now in his mid-seventies, continues to explore the ideas of time, space, and movement.

--Mitchell Case, 2003

Michael Snow