In this piece, black & white, approximately 10 minutes long, Phil Solomon paints his viewers a picture, or rather a collage of pictures, or snatches from the memories generated in early childhood. Through a very vivid use of silhouettes and aspects of time-lapse photography, he conveys to the audience a feeling of nostalgia, and at the same time, the wonders of the young mind. In particular, we see the shadowy figures of ice-skaters, human figures at play by the side of a lake, and stars passing by the frame in a shimmering night sky. A female figure closes the blinds in perhaps the bedroom of a young child. A crowd of people bustle about a dark suburban street. The fast paced editing in such scenes suggests we are seeing life through a childıs eyes; wherein there is a tremendous input of images, messages, and ideas, that are not fully grasped until adulthood, and even then are merely quick flashes of memory.

--Paul Bredenberg, 2004

Phil Solomon