Ralph Steiner Work

Cafe Universal (1936)
The City (1939) (with Willard Van Dyke) 16 min
Granite (1936)
H2O (1929) 11 min, 16mm
Hands (1936) (with Willard Van Dyke)
Harbor Scenes (1936)
Mechanical Principles (1930) 11 min 16mm
Panther Woman of the Needle Trades, or The Lovely Life of Little Lisa (1931)
People of the Cumberland (1937) (cinematographer)
Pie in the Sky (1935)
The Plow That Broke the Plains (1936) (cinematographer)
The River (1938) (cinematographer)
Surf and Seaweed (1931)
The World Today: Black Legion (1936); cinematographer/co-director)
The World Today: Sunnyside (1936); cinematographer/co-director)

Compiled by Darryl Forbes, 2010.

Ralph Steiner