Part of The Chromesthetic Response Series (4 films) in which 16mm film was shot in a 35mm still camera producing a flickering, collage-like effect. Because the images spill over onto the optical soundtrack area of the film, the variations in image density actually generate their own peculiar sounds.

Satrapy is composed of rephotographed pornographic playing cards which rhythmically intrude upon a piercing 5-beat score of different-sized black lines, injecting a note of 'negative sound' every third beat against the 5-beat background. As the film progresses, contrapuntal variations of 3, 4, 5 and 7 beat rhythms blend and collide, creating an almost indiscernible complexity, until the lined background ruptures and the sounds and visuals become scattered and disordered. The 'girlie' cards break out onto saturated colour fields and eventually find their way into the real world, aggressively flickering by against backgrounds of earth, concrete and other surfaces.
--Scott Starks

Scott Starks Work