Loren Sears Biography

Before becoming a filmmaker in 1965, he earned a BA in Physics from the University of Oregon, with graduate study in physics and computer science at Syracuse University and the University of Michigan. He was employed as a computer programmer and researcher at the Syracuse University Computing Center and by IBM, Palo Alto. He currently lives in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon, near his children, former wives and 86 year old mother, where he practices Buddhism, dancing and community building. He was born in Seneca, Nebraska, November, 1939.
Independent filmmaker, 1965-1971, San Francisco, CA.
Visually oriented, poetic films composed from documentary footage reworked with optical printer and other visual techniques. Film festival awards, one-man shows in SF, NY, New Haven, Philadelphia, etc. Taught filmmaking at SF Art Institute and University of California, SF Extension.

Artist In Residence, The Experimental Project, 1967-68 at KQED-TV, San Francisco
One of five artists paid to explore artistic aspects of television in KQED studios. Rockefeller and National Endowment funded. Later, directed several broadcast shows for KQED, 1968. Produced a museum-wide video installation as part of a performance for SF Museum of Art, 1969.

Tribal Vision Network, Videographer. 1971-1974
Outfitted a van for video recording, editing and show. Produced journals of cultural and community life. To view cultural reinhabitation in communities along the West Coast, edit, play back and distribute - poet/messengers reinforcing the process. Also, ethnographic and native medicine recordings with elder Indians of Northern California, Nevada and Mexico. Taught at Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA (1973).

Community Access Television, Production Coordinator, 1982-85
Helped found, design and operate Cable Access Center, Eugene Oregon. Served on staff as production and program coordinator, training instructor and manual writer, in addition to producing and directing a number of community interest programs.

Broadcast Television, Manager of Production and Operations, 1987-91
Helped found local FOX-TV affiliate in Eugene, Oregon. Built production facilities, hired and trained staff for local program and commercial production, News, satellite reception, on-air operations.

Northwest Digital Media, Owner. 1993-1999
Built, sold and supported computer based, digital video editing systems.

Public Television Activist, 1997-2002
Member of Eugene Media Action, a progressive organization aimed at raising public consciousness of media issues. Founded Friends of Public Broadcasting, a state wide consortium advocating the public's interest in public broadcasting (www.efn.org/~fopb) Served four years on Oregon Public Broadcasting's Community Advisory Board. Produced and edited "Oregon Gazette," a 40 minute pilot for broadcast on OPB in 2000.

Loren Sears