Loren Sears Work

Day/Year - The Pacific Lake, Tribal Vision (1973) 25 min video
An edited composition from Tribal Vision Journals, summer 1972 - from Bolinas, CA to Blain, WA. A poem edited around four story lines which climax near the end. It follows the cyclic pattern of a day, morning to evening, with birth and awakening as the outcome. It is about inventing new culture. (--LS)
(Ca) Haight-Ashbury Quartet (1967-1971) 20 min 16mm
  • Be-In (1967) 5.5 min
  • Tribal Home Movie #2 (1967) 6.5 min
  • Connie Joy (1971) 3 min
  • Sevin Goes to School (1971) 3 min
  • Loops (1968) 6min video
    High energy, 5-layer mix from film loops of animated shapes. Music is loop composition from a Bukla Box. Film, music, direction by Loren Sears. (--LS)
    Native Medicine (1972) 23 min video
    A compilation recorded and edited Fall, 1972, from meetings with the Old People of California and Nevada. Relating medicine to lifestyle, tradition to place; integration of living community prerequisite to health. Basic introduction to Indian medicine and the Native Medicine Series. (--LS)
    Native Medicine Series (1972-1974) 7 Hours video
    Working with others, we recorded a number of Northern California Pomo, Concow, Midu and Shoshone story tellers, shamans & gamblers; and a journey to visit Huichol maraakames in Nayarit, Mexico. Acculturation and hybridization was the motive. These are the raw tapes from those encounters. (--LS)
    News (1968) 12 min video
    Chuck Wiley reads segments from the daily news wire, revealing the absurdity and innate insanity of what most often is taken as serious business. (--LS)
    Punch (1968) 15 min video
    A taping of SF Mime Troupe politicized version of the classical Punch and Judy show. (--LS)
    Slip Back Into the Shining Sea (1967) 12 min video
    Multi-layer B/W film/studio mix from prepared AB Roll film by Loren Sears, poetry/voice by Joanne Kyger, music/augmentation by Richard Felciano exploring illusion and vision. Produced and directed by Loren Sears. (--LS)
    Sorcery (1968) 29 min video
    An improvised theatrical piece in videospace. Live mix in studio using tape delay and camera debeaming. Camera motions were scripted and the "actors" were given the challenge of trying to devine their way out of entrapment in this electronic milieu. The viewer's neural system was the ultimate target of this experiment, rather than sensory or cognitive levels of consciousness. Sit back and let it work on you. (--LS)
    Suzanne (1967) 5 min video
    A dance poem. Optically reprinted film composited from video studio segments. (--LS)
    Tribal Vision Network Journals (1972-1974) 7.5 Hours video
    Several years of living and traveling in a van outfitted for video recording, editing and show. These are journals resulting from those travels. The aim was to tape cultural reinhabitation in communities along the West Coast, edit and show it back to them and other communities, acting as a poet/messenger reinforcing the process. (--LS)

    (Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative

    Loren Sears