It's Not a Ship, It's a Sail

I moved from LA to London in 1966 and started hanging out with Jimmie Hendrix and people like that as I had been working with the Mamas and Papas in LA.

When I heard about the Montery Pop Festival I decided to try my hand at making a film instead of still photos. I managed to get a Beaulieu 16mm camera and they decided my idea was good ( thanks to help from a now extinct Kafetz Cameras on Baker Street in London ) and they gave me a nice zoom lens.

I went to Paris to try out the camera after getting the lens from them there and started filming. I did some at Monterey but could not do much due to contractual situations with the film makers that John Phillips and company were working with so just started shooting. Got back to London and met Paul Biziou who is the editor brother of Peter Biziou the Oscar winning camera man and both sons of Leon Biziou who was early on in cinema first in England then later in LA.

Paul did a fabulous job of taking a lot of disparate film clips and making them into a film that dances to the music we chose.

A few moments of the film appear in Magical Mystery Tour by the way.

--Stephen Sanders, 2003

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