Jeff Silva Biography

Jeff Silva is a filmmaker and visual artist from Boston. Jeff produces works ranging from experimental films, documentaries, live visual performances, and multi-channel installations. His projects challenge cinematic conventions of storytelling, composition, editing, and sound design; blurring the boundaries between genres. Jeff teaches Film and Video production and editing courses at BFVF (Boston Film and Video Foundation) and CCTV (Cambridge Community Television), and is a Producer/Director of Educational Media at MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Center for Advanced Educational Services (CAES). He is also a founding member of two emerging Boston based multimedia collectives: MIR (Manipulated Image Research) and Pixonik Labs. Jeff also curates film, video and multimedia events locally. He has curated programs for the Coolidge Corner Theatre (BALAGAN), the BUFF, and Carberry's summer film series among others. Jeff is currently editing his next project Hard Reigns, a feature length documentary related to the Balkans, that uses footage and interviews he has accumulated over the past year and a half on his trips to Kosovo and Belgrade.

Jeff Silva