Ladislas Starewicz Characteristics

Starewicz was a pioneer for non-stop puppet animation. In his earlier films, Starewicz used animal carcasses (specifically insects, such as beetles) and animated them with strings and wax. He soon graduated to puppets but used the same string method of animation. Little if any wires are seen in extremely complex scenes mixing such things as dozens of intricate, simultaneously moving puppets with blowing leaves, rhythmically beating lights, rippling water, and rear-projected real people (Fitz). Most of his subjects in his films are animals or insects, but he has animated toys and other inanimate objects as well. His animation is seen as dark and gritty today mostly for the subject matter, but Starewicz originally intended to have a childhood audience for his short films.


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--Kristina Mahar, 2010.

Ladislas Starewicz