John Sturgeon Work

Atari Is The New Parent (Collaborative with Aysha Quinn & Gary Lloyd) Interactive Satellite Video/Performance, Artist in Television Conference, 1982 6 min video, U. of lowa '82
Atari Is The New parent (Collaborative with Aysha Quinn & Gary Lloyd), 1982, Live Interactive Satellite Performance, Artist in Television Conference, National Cablecast
Chariot Chamber (Collaborative with Aysha Quinn) (1985) 8 min Video/lnstallation Document
Chariot Chamber (Collaborative with Aysha Quinn), 1985-87, Video Installation: 3 Channel, 7 monitor, Color Video & Computer Graphic Animation, with Sculptural Environment Fragments (Collaborative with John Sturgeon), 1984-87, Video Performance: Color Video Live & Pre-Record, with Interactive Computer Graphics
Chariot Chamber, Too (Collaborative Video- Environment/Installation with Aysha Quinn) 1989, Proctors Too, Schenectady, New York
Excerpts (1983) Sepia & 11 min video, with Aysha Quinn
The Fight (Collaborative with Aysha Quinn) (1983) 5 min video
The Longhouse Tapes (with Aysha Quinn in Conjunction with the Six Nations Indian Museum ) (1991) 25 min video
  • Gustoweh (Hats Of The Iroouois) (1991) 13 min
  • Why The Bear Clan Know Medicine (1991) 11 min
  • No Earth/no Earth Station (Collaborative with Aysha Quinn), 1982-83, VideoPerformance: Color Video Live & Pre-Record, with Live Chroma Key Environment

    John Sturgeon