Telling Motions

Bill Seaman is an extremely well established film maker and teacher. He is known for working with image, text, and sound relationships through a technological medium. For his work, Seaman has won many awards, and been presented at numerous film festivals.

Bill Seaman calls his current research "Recombinant Poetics", which means he uses his poetry as a form of interactive art. His work allows viewers to explore his poetry visually and physically by allowing the viewer to participate. By using such elements as virtual reality, linear video, music, and various types of computer composition programs, Seaman has created an original new form of artistic media.

Bill Seaman's Telling Motions focuses on music and visual motion from which the viewer can form poetic meaning. The film is comprised of four integrated sections. Part one contains music, images, and poetic dialogue. Part two is "Key/Code," which the viewer watches the same images as part one, but now the images are given a designated letter. This is used for the viewer to be able to recall images and translate them to meaning. Part three is "Translations," which focuses on key elements of the film. This is where the viewer begins to find an understanding of what they are seeing. Part four is "Adagio," which is a continuation of the previous elements and also new. In this section the viewer by now has examined the material and has probably formed an opinion or explanation of the film. The film is not intended to have a true meaning behind it; in fact it is for the viewer to make their own interpretation.

--Chip Keating, 2004.

Bill Seaman