This collection of fourteen 60 second spots is available from E.A.I. It includes the following:

Beth BAmnesia
Dara Birnbaum Transgressions
Benoit CarreJamais l'un sans l'autre (Never one without the other)
Michael Chion Wanderers Nightsong
Canal Dechaine Happy New Order
Patrick de Geetere and
Cathy Wagner
Europe Feedback Day Dream
Philip Mallory Jones Paradigm Shift
Tom KalinNation
Pierre Lobstein Fire! The Memory
Victor Masayesva, Jr. Two Faces of One Room
Angela MelitopoulosBlown Up
Nam June Paik and
Paul Garrin
A Tale of Two Cities
Nil Yalter Circular Rites
Bruce and Norman Yonemoto ahistory


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