Spencer Tunick Characteristics

Spencer Tunick's works are not structural. Each individual shot has to be put together in your own imagination and each clip, as in Dermaflusux, fades in and out , so while it is difficult to make sense of, it can be enjoyed it visually. Tunick explains his work as " the challenge of creating under pressure --and breaking past limitations, imposed by regional mores--creating a dynamic tension between the bodies and outside world." There is a certain feeling that comes with these works of living dangerously and letting go. He creates an extension of the landscapes, working with sculpture and performance, making shapes, but also creating spontaneous parts of life and spontaneous emotions with the people that are scattered in formations. Each scene is differentely composed, and he uses the streets and atmosphere for his studio.

Tunick's work reaches the viewer with a message of spirituality, exuberence and drama while working with public domain. The dramatic nature of Spencer's photo shoots provides the participants with new vision of themselves and surroundings as well as the viewers. Americans of all races, religions and body sizes are invited to model in exchange for a limited edition and signed print. The expressions, emotions and movements of the subjects are what becomes the art.

The art work of Tunick includes dramatic images, dynamics of the shot and angles, sensualistic approaches and radical ideas all in one. His group photos are the most arresting images in his work, and they range from exuberant to meditative in moods. It takes a moment to discern that the small, repetitive shapes filling the pictures are in fact human. The results of his work become interesting undertones reinforced by black and white tonalities.

Spencer Tunick