Tyler Turkle Work

(Ca, F)Cut (1976) 4 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F)Excess, Black Noise, and Fast Moving Pictures (1981) 1 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F)Lincoln Logs for Jesus (1978) 5 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca)The Last Days of Eddie Marsicano (1994) 30 min video
(Ca, F)Observeillance (1975) 3 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F)A Quiet Afternoon With Strangers (1977) 9 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F)Six Interviews (1975-1981) 38 min video
  • Cut
  • Excess, Black Noise, and Fast Moving Pictures
  • Lincoln Logs for Jesus
  • Observeillance
  • A Quiet Afternoon With Strangers
  • Walk That Dog
  • (Ca, F)Walk That Dog (1974) 16 min 16mm (also video)

    (Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
    (F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

    Tyler Turkle