Steina Vasulka Biography

Steina is one of the few women media artists who only needs one name (Huffman and Jahrmann. Http:// www.englishpoptart). She has become a key figure in the world of video art. Steina Vasulka, born in Iceland in 1940, was trained as a violinist. Steina meet her husband Woody while studying in Prague in the early 1960s. Woody, a Czech-born filmmaker, would later become her collaborator. The Vasulkas came to the United States (NYC) in 1965. In addition to adding brilliant films to media art, they also co-founded The Kitchen, the celebrated media arts theatre. Steina and Woody have also collaborated on such projects as The Butterfly Effect: Movement Before Discovery, Elements, Don Cherry, Discs, Matrix, etc. The two continue to work together as well as individually in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
--Kara Brassil

Steina Vasulka