J. Kathleen White Biography

J. Kathleen White, has done many works in different fields. Her art has been exhibited at the Allen Art Museum, the Metropolitan Museum Library, Upstairs Gallery in Alameda, California and countless others. She has also done artist books such as Hot Water, The Scrambled Amulet, Washboard Road, The Search for She-Bear, The Weather Continues, Lots of Ponetial Tea Parlor but Lack of Focus Shooting Gallery and many more. She has held public performances and reading at the Avenue B Social Club, Pelican Studio, Eden's Expressway, 63rd St. Y and many other places. She's written a children's book called The Komodo Dragon. She had an unpublished novel called Faint Healing. She wrote two plays called Charlotte Holmes in Space and Dodoji. On video she's done Johnny, Flip-Flop, and Mysteries of Nature. With films she's done Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde which won "Best Short' at the Athens, Ohio Film Fest. She's had many residencies over the past twelve years in such places as Artist in the Schools in Montana from 1988 to 1993, Poets on the Prairie, Yellowstone Park, and Very Special Arts in Montana, which specializes in helping disabled people learn, appreciate, and create art.
-- Geysa Maldonado, 2001

J. Kathleen White