Eaux D' Artifice

In Eaux D' Artifice, which means Water Works, Kenneth Anger brings a piece that is meant t be watched for the beauty it posses. There really is no storyline to it, just music and nature.

The whole piece takes us through a journey of flowing water from statue faces, staircases, small waterfalls and fountains that are made to look very elegant. The classical music that is played while we watch also gives the piece an elegant feeling, along with the one character, whom Sitney points out is a circus dwarf that Anger met in Italy. So what I thought was a woman, was actually a man named Carmillo Salvatorelli, who is dressed as a queen or someone of high respected authority.

I see this piece as somewhat therapeutic in a sense that I felt very relaxed and at ease in watching nature take it's course. What I really liked about this piece was that there wasn't anything that I had to try and make sense out of. I was just for you to watch and listen.The smooth peacefulness of running water from small waterfalls, mini streams and fountains puts the viewer in some sort of trance for that short fifteen to eighteen minutes of film where you can almost feel your mind being cleared of any stressful situations. I think that this piece is pure art and beauty like being able to actually watch a cocoon transform into a butterfly.

--Jason Jordan, 2001

Kenneth Anger Work