Rabbit's Moon

I thought Rabbit's Moon was very entertaining. It was pretty fast paced and the song that was playing throughout the piece was perfect for what was happening. I'm assuming the song title was "King of the Night" based on it being repeated in the chorus.

The piece begins with a clown of some sort trying to reach and grab the moon, the moon being the king of the night. I think Anger used a clown rather than a normal human being for the humor that we, as the viewers would find in someone trying to get a hold of the moon.

I was then thrown off course, when the main clown was approached by two smaller clowns. One of them offered a guitar and the other one offered a mirror. I did not understand what they were suggesting with this offering. I'm sure they were offering some kind of help for this clown they felt sorry for, but why the guitar and mirror, what did these two items mean to the story?

The clown is later approached and taunted by a devilish looking person. I didn't understand what his meaning was, but it was funny to watch him perform and dance as a jester would for a king. The same for the angel or princess that had came into the scene, I just didn't see their relevance in the story. Since the song title was "King of the Night", maybe that was a jester and the queen since the moon represented the king. The piece comes to an end with the clown watching as an eclipse covers the moon which he/she has been trying so hard to grab. The clown passes out on the ground as if frustrated.

--Jason Jordan, 2001

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