Paper Television Series #1

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

This series was presented at the Museum in Zagreb on a personal performance appearance I was invited to give, from Ms. Nada Beros, Curator of the Museum.

Paper Televisions are a series of works which utilize various papers as lenses or filters on the emitted light from the video screen Cathode Ray Tubes.

The series includes several works, of which the first one is shown herein:

NewsPaper Television

The front page of the New York Times newspaper is overlayed on a video screen playing back selections from the CBS Network Evening news.

The work concerns media filtering other media, and the juxtaposition of media messages. The light from the TV newscast is filtered, partially obscured, but the newspaper itself. The newspaper is illuminated by the video light. On close examination, some of the print is readable, but is constantly changing due to the shifting of the video light behind it.

Other works in the Paper Television Series include:

Papyrus Television
Tissue Paper Television
Rice Paper Television
Toilet Paper Television
In each work of the series, the use of paper as a light transforming filter is explored. Many delicate blends of kinetic color and light occur on the paper, which is illuminated by the video light.

Contextual content includes an edited sequence of sitcom TV shows with laugh tracks in the Toilet Paper television, for example.

Steve Beck with curator Nada Beros at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia.

View of audience behind Steve Beck, showing rear view of Newspaper Television piece.

View of Rice Paper Television with Spiral -
(does not show paper effect very well)

View of Tissue Paper Television with human eye on second screen.

Stephen Beck Work