Two Small Bodies

Two Small Bodies was directed by Beth B in 1993. This film was originally a Neal Bell play. The movie is about how two children went missing from their home, and how the police think that the mother had something to do with the accident. After Lt. Brann is put on the case to investigate he starts to like the mother Eileen and it ends up at the end that they have a steamy sexual affair.

Beth B wanted to do a film with only two characters in it. She thought that it would be interesting and challenging to come up with a film that would keep the audiencešs attention throughout the work just using two actors. This film is very erotic with out being explicit.

Technically speaking the lighting helps set the mood and adds feelings to the scene. The lighting went really well with the moviešs plot, and they mixed the colors very well together and the techniques they used to light the characters were interesting. It would have been more interesting to see another set since they never leave Eileen's house. Yes they go to different parts of the house but if there was another set it might have been a little more exciting.

--Heather Watson, 2004

Beth B