Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 00:33:41 +0100
From: Ellen Trost (ellen@ILIUM.DEMON.CO.UK)
Subject: Bruce Conner

Roberto Quezada asked for a Bruce Conner Work. I don't have one but I can add a bit to the list included in Wendy Levy's posting about his birthday celebration at the San Francisco Cinematheque.

A Movie is perhaps his best known, Marilyn x 5 his most erotic and 10 Second Film his least known. It could have been otherwise.

Bruce Conner made 10 Second Film for the 1964 New York Film Festival. My recollection from reading about this some time ago was that the Festival commissioned it but wouldn't use it because it was...well...only they can
say. Maybe too subtle? Too short? It is, you guessed it, 10 seconds. Some images were on the festival poster that year. For anyone interested, it's mentioned in Film Comment, Winter 1967 v.5, No. 4.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has a copy.

I was thrilled to see two of Bruce Conner's assemblage sculptures during a visit to the San Francisco Bay area. One was at the De Young Museum in SF. The other was at the Oakland Museum. His sculpture, like his films, uses
found objects arranged to make a coherent whole.

Wendy Levy, I wish I could have been at the recent SF screening!


Bruce Conner