Peter Cramer Critical Response

Review by Jennifer Dunning-

In Jennifer Dunning's review of Black and White Study: The Dance she is not reviewing Cramer's original film, but rather a live performance of the original filmed dance. Peter Cramer and his partner Jack Waters revived their roles as the two dancers performing the piece in the original 1990 film.

In reverse of most dances that involve nudity, the dancers start their performance naked and slowly dress from piles of clothing on the stage. Dunning notes that while lips touch and bodies roll together, hands often fail to touch. She feels this failure of one of the most basic forms of human contact alludes to the specter of death from AIDS and (in 1999) the lack of legal sanctioning allowed regarding their relation.

Review from Allied Productions-

Short Memory/No History: A Case of Cultural Amnesia is a multimedia installation on HIV/AIDS. Peter Cramer did not undertake this project alone, curating it with Jack Waters.

The installation is described as its own habitat, one containing a living history of the AIDS epidemic. However, there is also a focus on queer activism, a movement that had not normally been seen in the public eye pre-epidemic. It shows how a disease that affected one demographic hardest first (the GLBTG, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans-Gender community) out of the shadows and into the mainstream making the demographic that was a viable forum in the media and in commerce.

Jillian Vidal--2010.

Peter Cramer